apps 評測 (apps review)


If you are developing new apps or having wonderful apps , please don’t hesitate to share with us. We may recommend your apps to our great followers and subscribers~!

Send your apps link with a brief summary to our email:

*If you want us write review of your paid app(s), please attach your Redeem Code(Promo Code) in the email, thanks!

*Whether posting your apps or not is based on our own criteria, past experience and matching with the objectives of Apps Channel.

假如閣下正開發新Apps或已擁有優秀的Apps,不要猶豫,請與我們分享。經我們評核後,我們會將閣下的Apps推介給Apps 頻道的跟隨者和讀者們。

請把Apps 下載連結,並附上簡單介紹電郵到

*假如閣下希望我們測試付費App(s),請於電郵附上 Redeem Code(Promo Code) 兌換碼,謝謝。

*閣下的Apps 會否被放上 Apps 頻道,會根據我們現有的準則、過往評核經驗和是否符合Apps 頻道的宗旨目標。

Apps Channel Team

Apps 頻道團隊上


5 / 5 = 非常出色 (Impressive and outstanding)

4.5 / 5 = 秀 (Excellent)

4 / 5 = 良好 (Good)

3.5 / 5 = 平均以上(Above Average)

3 / 5 = 平均 (Average)


【嗚謝 / Acknowledgement】

Aedify Technology Limited (習字園、動物嘉年華、Write Dance)

Sivart Technology LLC (Word Crank: Spelling Word Game)

appsolute Inc. Limited (scrapboxCNY)

Eight Square (J Currency / J 匯率、J 抗藍光)

株式会社エウレカ (eureka, Inc.) (測驗派愛族、pairs)

Qoo App (Qoo遊戲助手、日本遊戲事前登錄)

Openmouse Studio (DearDays、DearMood、CC.Days etc.)

Gutschat (隨便up)

Helium (Collectivity)

Labo Lado (Labo Car Designer, Labo 繪畫課程, 1 v 1 Soccer etc.)

Localoco (Big 2 Bonanza, 財富鋤大D)

GMOメディア株式会社(GMO Media, Inc.) (GirlsCamera, SugarDraw, etc.)

Michele Laurello (First Person Tennis World Tour, First Person Tennis Exhibition, etc.)

Zensis Limited (SoccerABC, myWorldCup, Easy Connect, etc.)


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