【Android app 評測】SoccerABC – 成為世界杯超級球星(World Cup 2014 soccer game)



一款由香港本土製作的世界盃足球遊戲 app,遊戲玩法不難,依照指示,讓身體不同的部位進行控球,控球的球數越多,就有機會「升呢」跳上世界級大舞台並成為著名的球星!

遊戲玩法雖然簡單,但「的」起球(控球)來,真的不容易,感覺像足球版的自虐遊戲。要看準足球的跌落時間去「的」球(控球),才能把球推高到頭上,否則「的」不起球來就很容易把球控得太低又或把球踢到東跑西走,小編經過反覆練習才能控到 20 球。與其他自虐遊戲一樣,每到 10、20、30等十位數的關卡,遊戲背景和主角人物會逐步改變樣貌。假如大家想要尼馬(Neymar),沒有一定的控球數可不行喔。

Short review:

It’s a simple soccer game with elegant graphics. In the game, what you need to do is using part of body to juggle the soccer ball, but it’s not an easy task to do so. Good Luck!


Get ready for the World Cup?

Let’s show off your soccer ball juggling skills to become a player in World Cup.

In this game, you have to keep juggling to make the soccer ball in air. It’s not easy as you have to control the kick position, timing and follow the way to kick the ball.

Fantastic soccer fields are awaiting you to challenge. Let’s compete with your friends to get the highest score!

Download free on Google Play Store


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4 stars


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