【iOS app 評測】1 v 1 Soccer ( 1 對 1 足球) – 世界盃遊戲app

遊戲設計簡單,但又帶點挑戰性的 1 對 1 足球遊戲。在遊戲裡,總共有 8 隊國家隊可供選擇,勝出賽事才能解鎖下一隊的隊伍。而遊戲最難的地方是,玩家是永遠跑不快過對手的,加上遊戲又沒有加速鍵,一失手就很容易被對手射下入球。另一方面,即使玩家控球一直跑,由於對手跑得快過自己,很快又會被搶球,真的蠻欺負人。這樣的話,其實應該是以技巧取勝,而不是一直和對手硬碰。
此 app 有免費和付費版本,兩者的分別是在於廣告。小編同時測試過兩個版本,免費版即使有廣告也不會太礙眼,亦不會阻礙比賽進行,可接受得到。

Game Review:
It’s a simple, fun but a bit challenging 1 v 1 soccer game because in the game, you’ll never run as fast as your opponent, let alone run faster than your opponent. What you should do is to play good defense and wait for opportunity.

The difference between free and paid version is ads. The ads in the free version is located on the top of the screen which I think is okay and the ads are not so annoying. Or you can kindly support the app developer by buying their apps.

-when the game begins, “you” are the left guy(white guy) on the screen.
-there is no “accelerate” button

Download free on iTunes App Store

Download NO ads version on iTunes App Store (HKD 8.00)

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4 stars

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