【App 推介】逃脫遊戲 “The Insurance” (Escape Game: The Insurance) with walkthrough / 攻略

今次的 “The Insurance” 明顯比舊作的逃脫遊戲感覺不同,畫面畫得更細緻外,劇情亦像真人改編的故事。遊戲並不算太難,某些謎題的提示或會有點誤導成份,容易被導向另一組的謎題,但嘗試多幾次就可以破解了。

攻略已上載至 facebook 專頁

Game Walkthrough has been uploaded to our facebook

Download free on Google Play Store

Download on iTunes App Store ( HKD 15.00 / USD 1.99)

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好玩指數(4.7 out of 5):
4.5 stars

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