【Android/iOS】【攻略/Walkthrough】逃脫遊戲 “真實的鏡子” (Escape Game: The Mirror of Truth)



今集是講述親情的故事,小編對結局並不意外(小編較老練)。WaveA PTE. LTD.推出至今的逃脫遊戲 apps 蠻多元化,可見它的創意無限。難度中等,某些位置只要多嘗試就能破解,謎題並不難解。

Download free on Google Play Store

Download on iTunes App Store (USD 1.99 / HKD 15.00 for this game only)

攻略已上載至 facebook 專頁

Game Walkthrough has been uploaded to our facebook

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5


4.5 stars


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