DOOORS3 – room escape game –


遊戲名稱: DOOORS3 – room escape game –


遊戲類別:Google Play Store>>遊戲(Games)>>動腦與益智

iTunes App Store>>Games

語言(Language): English / 日本語

下載位置(Download):按此連結 (Google Play Store)  按此連結(iTunes App Store)


最後更新日期: 2014 – 5 – 7 (Google Play Store) // 2014 – 4 – 29 (iTunes App Store)


遊戲共有 40關卡,遊戲整體上並不難玩,輕鬆解謎之作。




-遊戲攻略已上載至 facebook專頁

-Game Walkthrough has been uploaded to facebook.


cap1 cap2 cap3 cap4 cap5


4 starslike-us-on-facebook

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尋找更多遊戲 (Find them on store): (iTunes App Store)

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